Song Review: Strange Fruit By TNT


I absolutely love …

… the introduction to this song! It definitely sets the tone and let’s you know that there are a couple of heartfelt verses coming up and the members of TNT don’t disappoint, the first verse hits home and HARD. Here’s a couple of lines from the first verse:

“Stupid nigguh, there’s liquor stores on every corner.”  

“Smart nigguh, I see em tryna go to college” … You paying back loans that I approve then you won’t get a job that’s right for you”

I mean, I’ve always been interested in Brooklyn rappers because (1) I’m from Brooklyn and (2) they’re story tellers, and I love a good story, especially when it’s in song form. But these two lines above hit home! I’m still going to school so Lord knows I know the struggle with loans and then there’s the infamous question of “Will I be able to get a job?” once you graduate. So maybe I’m a little bias when I say this song is dope, or maybe I’m not and I just know good music when I hear it. (Ah hem… I assure you it’s option two though, I promise… money back guaranteed.) Okay, okay, so I might just be biased about this whole thing, since I love instrumentals! (Especially when pianos are involved.) But this song talks about the struggles we go through today and although they may not be anything compared to what our ancestors went through, they’re still struggles nonetheless. So if you’re currently struggling you may be able to relate with this song and this may just be the right song for you.  My only complaint (and this is the future mixing engineer / record producer in me talking) is that the vocals for the verses need to be louder. This song is telling a story and I’d much rather be able to focus on the actual story than the beat. So turn the verses up and hell, while you’re considering my suggestions, make the kick a little boomier as well and I’ll be smiling all the way to the bank! (Because I’m definitely asking for my producer credits when this song becomes a hit.) But all jokes aside, other than the two revisions I mentioned above this song is gucci… I mean great! Lawd the Brooklyn in me done came out!

TNT Music Group Members

NRN’s Song Rating:

1 – I only listened to it to write this review.
2 – It was okay.
3 – I would put it on my iPod.
4 – Why you ain’t famous yet?

Word Flow ♥♥♥♥♥
Beats ♥♥♥♥♥
Lyrics ♥♥♥♥♥

But don’t take my word for it…
…listen to it yourself!

Also …

Be on the lookout for their newest project entitled: “Center Stage” expected to be released this summer.

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Spotlight On: Linzi Stoppard Electric Violinist & FUSE


Violins,  Swarovski Crystals, Rock music …

…have I caught your interest yet? (Although I’m sure some of you stopped at crystals.) I’m here to introduce you to an incredible sight (and sound) which includes crystal studded violins and rock music.

FUSE is an electric violin band from the UK brought to you by Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee, who were not satisfied with being just another classical cross-over cliche. Of course, the first genre of music you think of when you hear “electric” is rock, and there’s no doubt that FUSE can rock out! Especially when they’re using their Swarovski Crystal studded violins that are worth more than $1million, a piece! And if crystals aren’t you’re thing, (then you must be crazy) and you may like their 24 karat gold violins! Now as stunning as these violins are their music is equally, if not more stunning, as well. Although they were may have been told that they should enter talent shows, FUSE refused as they wanted to take the tradition route and get a contract with a label. FUSE performed at may shows, one of which they were almost late to and had to flag down an ice cream truck to hitch a ride just to get there on time. However, their hard work did not go unseen, as they became the first electric violinists to sign a major global record deal.

Below is FUSE’s cover of Katy Perry’s song “Firework”

A little about Linzi & Ben

Linzi started playing the classical violin when she was just four years old, and she also plays the clarinet and piano. She is a woman of many talents, as she was a model before she became apart of FUSE. Although, Ben Lee may not be as beautiful as Linzi, (okay I lied) he too was also a model before he signed on with FUSE. His music career started when he was 5 years old, when he was given his first violin. Ben has many accomplishments, which includes receiving the “Daily Telegraph Young Jazz Composer of the Year” at the age of 16 and breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest violin player in 2010. Ben has also played with the violin artists and bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight, Gorillaz, Amy Winehouse and recorded music for fashion shows for the famous Alexander McQueen.


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FUSE’s DEBUT album is currently out now!

You can buy it on amazon!


The Life I Live: Busy, busy bee …


So I know most of you are probably wondering where the hell I’ve been right? (If not, well then forget you! Okay, no I was joking, please come back.) But seriously, I’ve just been caught up with school and work, and of course my crazy little two year old. So I haven’t been ignoring your emails, and the reason I haven’t replied is not because your music sucks, I just haven’t checked my email in like months. (I apologize to those who are still waiting on replies, which I will get to right after this post.) But I just wanted to let everyone know that I will attempt to start blogging again, although it won’t be as frequent as before. And it’s definitely going to have to be good for me to blog about it because I sure don’t have time to critique on line. (Although I am thinking that maybe I should give feedback to the submissions that are not accepted via email.) I know that’s usually what indie artists are looking for, so yeah I think I’ll do that. Anyway, let me get to these emails! Oh and thanks for following my blog and reading it as well! It means a lot!